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Wood Urns

Wood Urns crafted from medium-density fiberboard is a modern and versatile option for memorializing a loved one. These affordable yet stunningly made urns are crafted from composite wood materials, typically wood fibers, wax, and resin. These materials are then compressed and heated to create a durable and uniform product that can be lovingly engraved, ornate, or as simple as necessary.

One of the best benefits of choosing a wooden urn created from MDF is its budget-friendly price. There is no shame in choosing a wood urn that better fits your budget, as our highly skilled craftspeople can create one stunningly beautiful with such realistic details as to be breathtaking. Each of our wood urns faithfully recreates the timeless, antique look of fine Colonial furniture and joinery. 

Creating and customizing a personal wooden urn to capture the essence and honor your loved one is also exceptionally easy with us at Legacy. Browse our wood urns and find one that speaks to you. Click on it, and you can begin customizing it immediately, thanks to our accessible tool. You may choose the first name, last name, and dates and upload an image. You can also choose from several fonts; we only ask that before adding it to the cart, you double-check for spelling, abbreviations, and correct dates before purchasing. 

At Legacy Urns, with over a century of expertise and serving customers nationwide, we believe every family deserves the ability to have a custom, personalized memorial for their loved ones. To capture and reflect the unique personality and interests of someone you love is our highest honor. We are committed to providing nothing less than the highest quality in all that we do. 

Do you have a question about our wood urns or customization process? Perhaps you have questions about other products? Our customer service representatives would love to be able to assist you, so please do not hesitate to contact us today. It would be our pleasure to help you during this difficult time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a wood urn last?

Depending on the environment the wood urn is placed in, a well-maintained, dry wood urn can last up to decades. 

What is the best wood for urns?

For an indoor urn that is kept out of moisture and maintained, the best wood to exhibit the same beauty of wood without the high cost is MDF, as it requires little upkeep and is ideal for the home. 

How Far down are urns buried?

Should the family or loved one instruct that their cremated remains in an urn be buried, generally speaking, most cemeteries will bury and url approximately three feet deep.


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