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Urns for Mom

To find the perfect urn to cradle and protect a mother’s remains is a poignant, emotional journey through memories, emotions, and an unyielding desire to honor her legacy. Our collection of Urns for Mom holds unique designs and essence when customized, becoming a canvas upon which you can declare a lifetime of love, laughter, and shared moments to be immortalized forever. 

Should you be here with us seeking the ideal vessel, we know it is much more than a mere container for ashes. Urns for mom symbolize reverence, a tangible tribute to a woman who shaped our lives with her tenderness and wisdom. Each urn, with its smooth surface and intricate details, will evoke a flood of emotions—nostalgia intertwining with sorrow, with a glimmer of solace on the horizon by having mother’s ashes protected. 

At Legacy, with more than a century of experience, we want you to find the perfect urn for a mother and one that resonates with the spirit and essence of her memory. We also know how difficult and tender a time it is right now and that the last thing you need is to be tied down with details, so we made our patented tool that allows you to customize an urn directly within that urn page. Depending on the urn, you can add names, dates, abbreviations, and custom images or select from our moving pre-made gallery of beautiful photos. Once you have finished an urn, ensure there are no spelling or date mistakes, and add it to your cart. Then, we will gladly take care of the fine details of insurance and postage to get your urn to you as soon as possible. 

If you have questions about our Urns for Mom or any of our products, our sympathetic customer service representatives would love to assist you with whatever you need. At Legacy Urns, when you choose an urn with us, we know that the urn becomes more than an object. It is a cherished keepsake, a beacon of remembrance, and a touchable expression of enduring love. We provide sanctuary for eternal rest while offering comfort and solace with beautiful urns that last for decades. "


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