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Stone Urns

A stone urn is a graceful and enduring vessel that has been used to house the ashes of loved ones throughout history. Traditionally, these containers are crafted from materials like marble, limestone, or granite and hold a rich cultural, artistic, and personal significance in many societies.

The use of stone for urns adds a beautiful, comforting sense of permanence and respect for the final resting place of the departed and allows a family to choose the ideal place for their loved ones' ashes. Stone urns, while heavier than other materials, are still a viable option as well for those who take comfort in the presence of their loved ones' ashes, as the urn can travel wherever family may go. 

Crafted from premium, American-sourced, gorgeously crafted granite, it also provides families with a stone urn that is guaranteed to last with engravings or images bright and crisp for decades. With our highly trained, expert craftspeople, we use today's most innovative laser technology to provide our customers with the most detailed, stunning additions to our stone urns. When customizing, simply visit the stone urn page that speaks most to you. 

Once the page is loaded, our easy-to-use customization tool will allow you to add family name, first name, date of birth, and death, as well as two images: one on the front of the stone urn and one on the back. You'll also be able to choose from six of the most beautiful fonts for your stone urn text. However, before adding a customized stone urn to your cart, we always recommend double-checking that everything, like spelling, names, and dates, is correct to avoid any heartbreaking issues in the future. 

A stone urn is a testament to the enduring nature of love, remembrance, and the lasting connection between the living and those we have lost. A stone urn is essential in friends' and family's grieving and healing journey while serving as a memorial focal point. As stone urns are incredibly versatile, they are a heartfelt addition to a moving memorial service or a constant close-by solace for grieving family members as they navigate this new world without someone they love.

At Legacy Urns, let us help you create a memorial to honor a life so adored.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bury a Stone Urn?

Suppose you are seeking an urn that is incredibly long-lasting, easy to maintain and clean, and one that can provide studding details in both engraving and imagery. In that case, a stone urn should be your first consideration. However, you can choose the material that best suits you and your needs. 

What types of Stone can be used for Urns?

Stone urns can be created from marble, limestone, and granite. Some companies may also offer stone urns in cement and other stone materials. At Legacy Urns, we choose granite for its natural beauty and ability to withstand nearly every condition while lasting for decades. 

Can you keep a stone urn at home?

You can keep a stone urn within your home, and we recommend this option. A stone urn is a great way to honor a loved one's memory.


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