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Unusual Pet Urns

Each beloved creature leaves an indelible mark on its owner's heart, from reptiles to birds, hedgehogs to rabbits, hamsters, rats or jumping spiders and tarantulas. Choosing urns for pets or urns for unusual pets is easier and quicker than ever when you browse and shop with us. 

Our collection of urns for unusual pets has been meticulously created with nothing less than the highest quality materials to ensure your beloved pet is enfolded protectively in their final rest. For many, the simple act of an owner choosing an urn for their unconventional companions can become an exploration of memories, quirks, and the special bond that defies the boundaries of traditional pet relationships. They may not purr, bark, or fetch, but they were just as dearly loved and will be sorely missed by their owners. And they deserve a beautiful tribute and memorial with an equally breathtakingly made urn. 

We offer these urns for pets as a testament to the significance of a bond shared that time and distance can never erase. In your endeavor to find a vessel that encapsulates the essence of a loved companion that may have slithered, chirped, squeaked, or hopped into the heart, we sincerely hope you will find a chosen urn that represents the trail of joy and memories left behind. 

With over one hundred years as a family-owned, family-run business, we know that selecting pet urns is not just about a container. It symbolizes the unique connection forged with a creature that brought unexpected delight to our family lives. 

Should you need to know more or ask us any questions, please know that our caring customer service representatives are ready to answer any questions and assist you with anything you need. 

In choosing Legacy Urns for pets, we hope you find a vessel that becomes a sanctuary and solace from the grief that finds us and have a worthy tribute to an extraordinary pet. We send our deepest condolences and sympathy to you and your family, and that our urns remain a timeless, flawless tribute.


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