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Legacy Urns Glossary: Understanding the Terminology

At Legacy Urns, we understand that the process of choosing the right urn can be filled with unique terms and concepts. To help you navigate this important journey, we have created the Legacy Urns Glossary. This resource is designed to demystify the terminology you may encounter while exploring our collection. From the types and materials of urns to the details of customization and care, our glossary covers essential terms, ensuring you have all the information needed to make a choice that honors your loved one in a way that resonates with their legacy.

Adult Urn: A standard-sized urn intended for holding the ashes of an adult. Typically, these urns have a capacity of about 200 cubic inches.

Biodegradable Urn: An urn made from materials that naturally break down over time. Ideal for eco-friendly burials or water ceremonies.

Burial Urn: An urn specifically designed for burial, often made from durable materials to withstand underground conditions.

Cameo Urn: A type of urn featuring a raised image or cameo on the surface, often used for decorative purposes.

Capacity: Refers to the volume inside an urn, measured in cubic inches. It indicates how much ash the urn can hold.

Ceramic Urn: An urn made from fired clay, known for its artistic designs and variety of finishes.

Cloisonné Urn: A decorative urn made using an ancient metalworking technique that combines metal with enamel.

Companion Urn: A larger urn designed to hold the ashes of two individuals, often used for couples.

Cremation Jewelry: Small decorative items that can hold a tiny portion of ashes, allowing one to keep a part of their loved one close.

Cremation Urn: A container used to hold the ashes of a cremated person or pet.

Engraving: The process of etching text or designs onto the surface of an urn for personalization.

Infant Urn: A smaller urn used for the ashes of an infant or a very small child.

Keepsake Urn: A small urn or container meant to hold a portion of ashes, allowing several family members to share the remains.

Marble Urn: An urn made from natural or cultured marble, known for its durability and elegant appearance.

Memorial Urn: An urn used as a memorial to the deceased, often displayed in homes or memorial services.

Metal Urn: Urns made from metals like bronze, brass, stainless steel, or copper, known for their durability and range of designs.

Pet Urn: A specialized urn designed for holding the ashes of pets, often smaller in size and may feature pet-themed designs.

Scattering Urn: An urn designed for scattering ashes. These urns are often lightweight and easy to open.

Urn Art: Decorative elements or artwork featured on an urn, ranging from simple to intricate designs.

Urn Vault: A protective container in which an urn is placed for burial, providing additional protection against the elements and ground pressure.

Wooden Urn: An urn made from wood, ranging from simple, natural designs to intricate, handcrafted ones.