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Gold Cremation Jewelry

We have long kept reminders of the ones we love who passed away. Throughout centuries, items like woven hair rings and charms, to urns and keepsakes. As cremation becomes a more and more popular choice, many have wished for something special—something smaller than an urn—that can be worn to keep a part of their loved one with them no matter where they are, and gold cremation jewelry is one of the heartfelt ways to keep a loved one nearby.

Gold cremation jewelry creates a stunning, elevated keepsake in any form, whether it is pendants, bracelets, charms, or more. Most gold cremation jewelry comes with a compartment, and a means of safely sealing it, allowing you to add a small amount of your deceased loved one’s ashes or, if you wish, burial soil, hair, or dried funerary flower arrangements.

When browsing our gold cremation jewelry here at Legacy, you can shop safely, knowing you get exquisite craftsmanship created with the utmost respect. Designed and created by industry professionals, you will find a piece here that speaks to your memories of a loved one and their unique personality to honor and reflect the essence of their life.

Depending on the piece itself, our highly skilled engravers, who are dedicated to ensuring each piece is flawless, can engrave meaningful epitaphs, phrases, dates, or sayings that remind you of the one you love and bring you solace and comfort during your journey toward healing.

Take comfort, too, in knowing that many people turn to us and our gold cremation jewelry to honor someone they love who passed, and many find wearing a lovingly made piece precious and much-needed during times of grief and loss. There is no right or wrong choice in this deeply personal journey of finding what gold cremation jewelry works for you, so long as it speaks to you and reminds you of the one you love.

For more than a century, our family-run, family-owned business at Legacy has been committed to bringing families peace and comfort through end-of-life services to help them commemorate someone so special to them while bringing them closure and helping them begin their steps toward healing. Should you have any questions about our gold cremation jewelry, please do not hesitate to contact our sympathetic and knowledgeable staff.


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