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Dog Urns

For many people worldwide, losing a beloved pet is equally heartbreaking and stressful, especially when the loss is unexpected. Our dogs are our loyal companions who make us laugh, love us unconditionally, and freely share the love they give. They leave massive, paw-shaped holes in our lives and hearts when they go. 

Selecting urns for dogs is an emotional process that can help lead you toward healing. Our dog urns have been created with the same respect and care as all of our urns, as we know that each urn, with its unique design and beautiful details, becomes a symbol of the timeless, unforgettable bonds shared with a loyal, dearly missed friend. 

With dog urns, we provide a safe, protective vessel to lay your friend to rest, a memorial, and a physical connection to your beloved pet. Many find dog urns a comfort during the worst grief, creating a monument to remember them forever. 

At Legacy Urns, for more than a century, our family-owned, family-run business has been creating heartfelt and beautiful monuments of exceptional quality and affordable prices. With those 100 years of experience comes recognizing how vital our work is. We uniquely understand what our customers seek and do our best to make this time as quick and easy as possible so that you can return to what is most important: grieving and healing. 

When browsing our dog urns, you never need to rush the process. Take as long as you need to find the perfect urn for your pet that represents a missed family member. If you have difficulty finding the ideal urn for your dog, please do not hesitate to contact our sympathetic customer service representatives. They would be happy and honored to assist you. 

An urn is a perfect means to preserve the memory of all the joy and love your dog represents, becoming a sanctuary, a tangible space where grief finds solace and the enduring memory of a furry friend. Forever enshrine their spirit and love in a timeless expression of their immeasurable love and camaraderie that made every day brighter.


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