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Cremation Urns

Few vessels are as treasured as those of burial and cremation urns. While they hold the remains of deeply missed loved ones as a function for thousands of years, each burial and cremation urn embodies so much more than a container. These urns represent the light and life of someone deeply loved and deeply missed. 

Our cremation urns come in different shapes, materials, and sizes, and we offer many customizable options for the perfect urn that resonates most with you and the life of your departed. On this page, we have our carefully crafted burial and cremation urns, which you will find both beautiful and affordable. 

We offer gorgeous wood urns and durable, shimmering granite urns that can be customized directly on their pages. With over a century of experience in our family-owned and run business, we know the last thing anyone wishes to do is spend countless hours attempting to get a loved one’s end-of-life settled. We made customization easy; when you pick an urn that resonates with you, our tool can be used directly on the urn’s page. Within the tool, you may choose fonts and add names, dates, abbreviations, and photos that we can apply with exquisite details. We ask that all spelling and dates be checked before finalizing the cremation urn. 

For more than a century, our mission has been to provide much-needed memorials for comfort and aid in the healing journey. Our headstones, monuments, and cremation or burial urns have been created with the most profound respect, providing stunning tributes to a lost loved one or even a pet that will bring solace to those in mourning. We hope these crafted works of art can bring you moments of peace in troubling sorrow. 

Should you have any questions about our burial or cremation urns, headstones, or any other item we have, it would be our pleasure to assist you. Please get in touch with our excellent customer service representatives at any time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cremation urn?

Cremation urns are for the cremated remains of a deceased person.

What materials are cremation urns made from?

Cremation urns can be made from granite, wood, porcelain, ceramics, and biodegradable materials.

Are there regulations regarding where I can scatter ashes?

On your private property, you are free to scatter ashes anywhere. But if you do not own the land you wish to scatter ashes upon, you must ask the owner for written or verbal permission. 
Three places are always off-limits: lakes, rivers, and streams.

Do I need to bury a Stone Urn?

Suppose you are seeking an urn that is incredibly long-lasting, easy to maintain and clean, and one that can provide studding details in both engraving and imagery. In that case, a stone urn should be your first consideration. However, you can choose the material that best suits you and your needs. 

What types of Stone can be used for Urns?

Stone urns can be created from marble, limestone, and granite. Some companies may also offer stone urns in cement and other stone materials. At Legacy Urns, we choose granite for its natural beauty and ability to withstand nearly every condition while lasting for decades.

Can you keep a stone urn at home?

You can keep a stone urn within your home, and we recommend this option. A stone urn is a great way to honor a loved one's memory.


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Brazilian Cherry Urn (Companion)

Indoor Cremation Urn
Regular Price $499.00
Sale Price $299.00

Brazilian Cherry Urn (Single Person)

Indoor Cremation Urn
Regular Price $499.00
Sale Price $299.00

Dark Wood Urn (Companion)

Indoor Cremation Urn
Regular Price $499.00
Sale Price $299.00

Dark Wood Urn (Single Person)

Indoor Cremation Urn
Regular Price $499.00
Sale Price $299.00

Granite Stone Cremation Urn

Indoor Cremation Urn
Regular Price $695.00
Sale Price $495.00