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Cremation Rings

Of all the choices for cremation and memorial jewelry, the most popular choice for many is the cremation ring. Dealing with the loss of someone you loved is a slow and painful process, where our feelings of grief and mourning need time to unfold. The experience is filled with powerful and moving emotions linked to our connection with someone who is no longer with us—so remembering the lives of friends, family, or pets is part of the grieving process, and wanting to carry them with you is a valid means to mourn and celebrate a loved one’s life.

If the thought of wearing a breathtaking cremation ring from our cremation jewelry rings collection feels like the perfect way to remember someone you loved and lost, then we are honored and share our condolences that you are here with us today.

At Legacy, for more than one hundred years, we have been a family-owned and family-run business serving our customers with end-of-life necessities, keepsakes, and beautiful memorials to help them on the long road toward healing.

Our cremation rings give families and loved ones a beautiful, touchable keepsake that will no doubt become a cherished means to remember someone lost in a personal manner unique to them. Our cremation jewelry rings are designed to hold a small amount of ashes or other tributes in memory of a loved one who has passed. These rings can be worn daily as a reminder and comfort. The interior of a cremation ring has a discreet compartment that can be sealed with a screw to protect precious items and memories placed within them.

Our cremation rings come in various metals, and depending on the ring, they may be available for further customization of engraved text. Where and how you wear your cremation ring is entirely up to you and what matters most.

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