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Cremation Bracelets

Our cremation bracelets feature durable, high-quality, beautiful materials to honor your loved one with tremendous respect. Memories mean everything to us as humans, creating and preserving them—so when a loved one passes, it is natural and instinctual to seek a means to memorialize their life and soothe a grieving heart.

Men or women can wear cremation bracelets, as they are excellent pieces of jewelry that match nearly any outfit while giving us a physical reminder of precious moments we want to remember always. As we work through the grieving process, it can be infinitely comforting to see or touch a cremation bracelet and know that a piece of our loved one is still close, even if they cannot be with us physically.

A small compartment rests in each of our cremation bracelets. The compartment has room to hold a tiny amount of a loved one’s ashes, a lock of hair, graveyard blooms, burial dirt, a small scrap of shirt, or whatever small remembrance of your loved one that speaks to your heart most. You’ll find bracelets like cuffs, leather braiding, stainless steel, durable clasps, or bangle and link bracelet styles with room for charms.

Each of Legacy’s meticulously crafted cremation bracelets will allow you to carry a small piece of memorabilia wherever you are and wherever you go in life, and depending on the bracelet, you may be able to have it further customized with an engraved photo of a loved one or a unique engraving of text.

For a sense of closeness when they are so far apart and comfort when you need it most, a cremation bracelet can be a great way to help you, or someone in mourning, to get through this heartbreaking time. Regardless of your budget, a perfect memorial keepsake is waiting for you here at Legacy Urns, as we understand the deeply personal and precious meaning each cremation bracelet we make and customize can hold for our customers.

Remember your loved one forever with a simple engraving on your cremation jewelry bracelet, a photo, or a piece of them to keep them with you and in your heart. We are honored to help you create and honor their legacy.


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Braided Leather Engraved Cremation Bracelet

Customizable Leather / Stainless Steel Memorial Bracelet
Regular Price $89.95
Sale Price $59.95

Twisted Cremation Bangle (Engravable)

Engraved Twisted Bangle - Cremation Bracelet
Regular Price $109.95
Sale Price $69.95