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Specialized Urn Options for Veteran

People of all ages and backgrounds are part of our Armed Forces, and they have fought bravely to get to where they are or to protect our country and civilians. They deserve so much more: our respect, gratitude, assistance, and honor in life and death. Whether your brave soldiers saw active warzone duty or served their country by being clinical laboratory scientists, communications specialists, medical assistants, Hospital corpsmen, Tactical aircraft maintenance specialists—or more—they have served their country uniquely.

At Legacy, we have several different beautiful urns to help you memorialize a veteran, but we wish to delve deeper into all of the specialized urn options available to you if needed.

Why Choose a Customized Urn for Veterans?

With such a wide selection of military branches and commands, military urns help families of veterans pay tribute to and observe the life of their lost veteran loved one, saluting their courage and dedication for all time.

U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, or U.S Marine Corps Fighter Pilots

Hard work, hard training, and long hours go into the work needed to become a fighter pilot within the military. To be a fighter pilot is to be more than just the person flying the plane, which is often hard enough. Being a veteran fighter pilot meant that your loved one was in command of the skies and the top percentile of healthy, capable bodies.

For the beloved veteran who adored being in the clouds, whether part of his active service or off duty, many beautiful airplane urns are available that may be ideal for them. These urns can come in various materials, plane types, and more to suit your departed pilot.

Customization options include everything from having an F-15 Eagle replica created from wood or metal with a compartment for your loved one's ashes to having their favorite two-seater Cessna 152.

Patriotic Veteran Urns

For soldiers who loved their country and worked tirelessly to protect and defend it, a patriotic urn reflecting their years of devotion and dedication may perfectly capture their essence and personality.

Some of the more popular patriotic urn designs that can be customized are:

  • Urns decorated with Old Glory stemmed from being applied to the U.S. flag by a young sea captain who lived in Salem, Mass. In 1824, he was presented with a beautiful flag made by his mother and a group of local ladies. He named her 'Old Glory,' and the name for this gorgeous flag has stuck around for two centuries.
  • Engraving different military branches emblems in wood, granite, ceramic, and metallic urns.
  • American flag and the eagle motifs
  • Customized urn dog tags with the veteran's face and a touching saying engraved on the back

Urns showcasing the various military branches and symbols or special engraved touches can encompass veterans' passion for their country while ensuring their legacy lives on. Urns for veterans are respectfully designed to mirror patriotic and military branch themes, colors, and symbols, and many of these veteran-specific urns can showcase the ideals of freedom, liberty, bravery, and the American spirit.

Veteran Cremation Urn Styles

Military urns are offered in various styles, forms, materials, and designs, like many cremation urns. Traditional urn shapes and more contemporary ones can be created from wood, metal, marble, granite, ceramic, or glass that showcase vase shapes, statues, items, or boxes. Urns for veterans can be customized in many different ways depending on the company, the material of the urn, and how a loved one wishes to pay tribute to their loved one being memorialized. Photographs, engravings, symbols of the specific war, branch, or rank of the veteran, or images of their favorite hobbies can be recreated in stunning detail. Even cremation jewelry may come in various shapes, such as dog tags, bullets, or shotgun shells so that family can always carry their beloved veteran loved ones with them wherever they go.

Military urns help families keep the memory of their beloved veteran alive and create an irreplaceable piece of family history and lineage. Throughout history and cultures, humanity has engaged in special tributes and end-of-life rituals that bring comfort and closure while preserving the spirit of their fallen military.

Choosing an urn is a deeply personal task. All urns are meaningful and the ideal choice if that urn speaks to you, your memories of your veteran, and the personality and life they led.

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