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Approaching death is never easy, not for those seeking to make arrangements early to lighten the load on family or those in deep mourning seeking the appropriate end-of-life accommodations for their dearly departed.

Despite this being an occurrence everyone worldwide must eventually face, many cultures still surround the nature of death and dying as taboo to discuss. At Legacy, we wish to push back against that thinking, opening minds and sharing history, knowledge, and useful and interesting information. We aim to answer questions about death, mourning funeral rites, cremation urns, and much more surrounding the topic, as many may still feel afraid to broach such subjects with the people around them. 

Navigating the world and paperwork around the death of a loved one alone can often feel like drowning in questions without a life raft nearby. Trying to arrange your end-of-life plans without family or friends can be daunting. Finding the right tools to make this process more accessible so you can focus on yourself or your family is what we're all about here at Legacy. 

We have created this blog in the hopes of helping people all over the nation to find the answers they seek, whether it is wondering where a custom came from, the history of burial rights, or how best to clean and maintain an urn. We'll explore aspects of death that many may be too fearful to ask while attempting to provide answers and comfort to those who seek it. 

In this blog, we hope to keep pace with the shifting landscape surrounding death, from the urges we have to memorialize more-than-humans, such as beloved family pets, to how more and more people are creating public mourning spaces to honor and recognize the grieving of the life that matters to them. We recognize the value of grief, how it improves our relationships with the world, and how it can make us better co-habitants of Earth. 

We will also strive to answer questions about what we do, creating custom engraved urns and hopefully answering any questions you may have about the entire process. 

No one wants or wishes to prepare for death, yet there is a need within us as human beings to speak openly of our troubles, sorrows, and joys. This openness in discussing the topic of death has allowed many to learn, understand, and heal through the natural process of grief. End-of-life should not be as stressful and as heartbreaking as the mourning that takes place after, and we at Legacy Urns are committed to making the grief process as less of a burden as possible. 

Everyone deserves to craft a lasting legacy to honor their journey in their life, no matter how long the journey. At Legacy Urns, we hope to assist you and those you love to make that lasting heritage, telling their story and leaving behind a legacy that lasts beyond death for comfort.

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