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How to Preserve Cremation Jewelry with Care and Maintenance

Some have never bothered wearing any jewelry during their lives, or, for others, they wear it so sparingly they may not be aware that even the jewelry you wear needs care and maintenance to preserve its beauty and sparkle and extend its life.

Should you be facing the heartbreaking decision of deciding which cremation jewelry to choose in preserving the memory of a dearly departed, or have purchased a cremation jewelry piece but now are lost on how to care for and maintain it, we are here with the information you need. We will go over the basics of preserving cremation jewelry and caring for and maintaining it so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing or bringing back your cremation jewelry's original beauty.

Standard Practices for All Cremation Jewelry Types

There are some common tips to keep your jewelry and cremation jewelry safe and protected:

  1. Never attempt to put on or take off your jewelry over a sink to prevent loss
  2. Never put on your jewelry before you don clothing to avoid snags or having a piece torn off.
  3. Never put on and wear your jewelry while using hair products, lotion, or perfumes. Additionally, never wear your jewelry while showering, bathing, or swimming. The chemicals in shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soaps, scrubs, and tap water can cause jewelry to rust or tarnish faster, including the substances in water, whether swimming in a lake or a pool.
  4. Never store your jewelry in the open. Place it away from moisture, direct sunlight, and too much air. Use a container of choice that can be closed to place your jewelry, and never pile it on top of one another at the end of the day, as this can cause jewelry to become scratched and tangled.
  5. Do not go to sleep with your cremation jewelry on. There is a chance the jewelry can snag in blankets or sheets, clasps, and connections could weaken or come off during rest.

Gold or Gold Plated Cremation Jewelry

Like their pure gold or gold alloy counterparts, gold-plated jewelry can tarnish if not cared for properly. Tarnishing is the process in which gold reacts to air and moisture. Here are some care and maintenance for gold-plated cremation jewelry:

  1. Avoid letting your gold or gold-plated cremation jewelry come into contact with water, moisture, or sweat. Remove your jewelry before bathing, showering, swimming, cleaning, washing, or exercising.
  2. To clean gold and gold-plated jewelry, avoid water and gently use a clean jewelry polishing cloth. It is essential to be careful not to rub away any gold plating.
  3. If the gold piece is severely tarnished, gently rub it with a soft cloth and a very tiny amount of the mildest soap you own and water to clean it. To avoid water-tarnish, ensure you thoroughly dry the pieces before putting them on again.
  4. If neither the polishing cloth nor gentle washing works, consider taking the piece to a professional jeweler who can clean and repair it should the gold be damaged, or the gold plating begin to rub off.

Sterling Silver Cremation Jewelry

Sterling silver is a combination of metals that creates what is known as an alloy. Sterling silver -925 Silver—represents approximately 92.5% silver with roughly 7.5% copper. Because silver is such a soft metal that can easily be damaged, mixing it with another metal makes it more durable than pure silver. Here are a few care and maintenance tips for your sterling silver cremation jewelry:

  1. Avoid wearing sterling silver jewelry when swimming, cleaning, bathing, or showering. However, unlike other metals, when your hands are dry, the oils from your skin can help prevent your sterling silver cremation jewelry from tarnishing as quickly. When you remove the piece before going to bed, it is also vital that you wipe it down and store it in a cool, dry place.
  2. Avoid anything with sulfur. It is the primary cause of tarnishing and corrosion.
  3. Sterling Silver's tarnishing is also from being exposed to air. When storing it, keep the jewelry in air-tight, sealable bags after ensuring it is thoroughly dry.
  4. Clean sterling silver with a polishing cloth to avoid scratches.

Stainless Steel Cremation Jewelry

Stainless steel cremation jewelry may be one of the most popular choices due to steel's durability, strength, and hypoallergenic properties. Stainless steel cremation jewelry is also effortless to keep clean. A few care and maintenance tips are:

  1. Clean your stainless steel jewelry with a soft, dry cloth every few weeks if it is beginning to look dull, dirty, or less shiny. You can use a jewelry polishing cloth or any soft, clean, lint-free cloth to return its shine.
  2. If your stainless steel cremation jewelry accidentally comes in contact with a liquid, rinse it immediately and thoroughly dry it.
  3. To avoid scratches, store our stainless steel cremation jewelry in a soft cloth jewelry bag every night or when not wearing it.

Whether you choose gold-plated, gold, sterling silver, or stainless steel, each is a fantastic material for a beautiful piece of memorial jewelry. You can extend its beauty and longevity by caring for and cleaning it. These tips will help you care and keep your precious pieces looking as stunning as the first day you put them on.

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