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Giving The Gift of Pet Memorial and Cremation Jewelry

Grief defies definition. What causes us to mourn and how we mourn is as unique to each of us as our personalities and lives. When a treasured pet passes, for many of us, it can feel like a piece of ourselves and our small worlds have been taken from us. While some struggle, others may understand the profound connection between pets and pet parents. 

Regardless, you may be here because you are wondering: can I gift pet cremation and memorial jewelry to a friend or loved one? Is it appropriate to gift? And perhaps: How do I gift it? 

We’re glad you’re asking these questions and happy you are here with us today. We would love to help. 

Can You Gift Pet Cremation and Memorial Jewelry? 

Yes, you can. First, it is lovely for you to think of your friends and family members when they are going through a time of need. We encourage you to ensure your friend will be open to the gift. What do we mean by that? 

Remember that death, mourning, and cremation may be a tricky subject. It would help if you considered what you know about your friend and their pet, such as: 

  1. Did they choose to have their pet cremated?  
  2. If they did, have they already had an urn sent to them that a pet crematory sealed? Some pet crematory urns will be sealed upon arrival. 
  3. Do you know anything about the pet or some aspect of the pet that you could represent with jewelry? 
  4. Are there any religious aspects that may cause problems? 
  5. Are they allergic or sensitive to certain metals? 

We deeply understand that you may want to keep the gift of pet memorial jewelry a secret until the time of giving. However, discussing it beforehand with your friends or family members can ensure that they are open to ideas and that the gift of cremation pet jewelry you choose will suit them, ensuring they can wear and enjoy the gift for years. 

Are you uncomfortable with broaching the subject, or are you still unsure? You may wish to give them a gift card instead to a reputable shop that creates pet cremation jewelry, alleviating financial burden but allowing them to choose the perfect piece suitable for them. 

Is Pet Cremation Jewelry an Appropriate Gift? 

Pet cremation jewelry can be an appropriate gift to someone mourning a pet, depending on a few details. Keeping the pet and the pet owner in mind is vital. As stated earlier, knowing if the giftee is allergic to any materials is essential, but finding an ideal, considerate piece that evokes fond memories of the pet can be just as important. 

Depending on the type of cremation jewelry, it should include thoughtful touches such as: 

  • Engraving of their names, birth or passing date
  • Engraving or image of the pet
  • Keepsake space for a tiny amount of fur or ashes

You may also consider adding other memorial items to the gift of jewelry, such as unique commemorative candles to be lit annually on the anniversary of their pet crossing the rainbow bridge or small keepsake boxes that allow the pet owner to place items such as collars, fur, ashes, claw sheaths or anything they wish to commemorate their deceased companion. 

If you know for sure that your bereaved friend or family member is cremating their pet, or will be, and have discussed with them options for jewelry—pet cremation jewelry is then an appropriate and excellent choice of gift. Even if you do not have a photo of said pet to have engraved or used within the jewelry piece, a sweet message of strength or a poem snippet can be an excellent alternative to the photo. 

How to Gift Someone Pet Cremation Jewelry

As an individual, it is almost always easier to choose whether or not cremation jewelry is right for you because you know yourself best. When gifting friends and family, it can feel challenging to try and guess without discussing it first. 

Even though many of us wear jewelry every day, a friend and family member who has lost a pet may be unaware of the options available to them when it comes to dealing with grief and a pet’s ashes. Do not hesitate to sit down with a friend or family member in mourning and ask them about jewelry pieces and if they were aware of the options for pet cremation. During this time, you can listen to them speak about the animal they loved, what made them so special to that person, and any quirks or funny stories. Do not be afraid to ask the person to talk about their pet, as most find discussing it painful yet healing to speak on their recently deceased companion. As they talk, you’ll be able to gather vital information that can guide you toward choosing the right jewelry for them. 

Mourning is deeply personal, and gifting someone with cremation jewelry for their pet is a beautiful and appropriate thing to do when made jointly between you and a mourning friend or loved one. 

If you would like to know more about our pet cremation pieces or ask us anything about our products, please do not hesitate to reach out. It would be our pleasure to help you create a legacy.

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