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Choosing a Couple's Urn for Lifelong Partnerships

Love of friends, family, blood, or chosen family is eternal. Yet, at some point in our lives,  our time is finite. Siblings, partners, and couples may wish to ensure that they memorialize and honor that love forever. Whether seeking ways to pre-plan end-of-life celebrations and wishes or seeking a means to acknowledge that love after they are gone, cremation urns for couples are an excellent choice to showcase that love and commitment, even after passing. 

Memorializing Couples: Where to Start? 

Memorializing a couple that deeply loved one another and passed can seem to be an almost impossible task. Loved ones from both sides of a deceased couple's relationship may have ideas about who the couple was, what they were like, and what mattered most to them—but some of those ideas may conflict with one another, and some of them may be based on a perception, not who they may have genuinely been to one another. 

Before you choose how to memorialize a couple, it can help you organize your thoughts and ideas by creating and answering a list of questions. Doing so can get you started on finding an urn that resonates with you and who they were. 

  • Did the couple have a favorite poem, song, or saying? 
  • What hobbies, projects, or things did the couple share? 
  • Did they have the same favorite color or the same sort of material? 
  • Were they religious, and if so, did they have a favorite passage or religious hymn they loved? 
  • Did they leave any final wishes or instructions on what sort of memorial they wanted or would like to have and what they wished to have written on there? 
  • Where will this urn be placed? Inside a home? Outside? Will it be buried? Answering these questions can help you choose the suitable material. 

Finding a shared concept between the couple can help you choose a couple's urn that best represents who they were and find one that feels 'right' to you. 

What Is A Couple's Urn? 

Companion urns are cremation containers intended to hold the cremated remains of two individuals, usually a couple who have been married, sometimes siblings or even life-long best friends. 

Companion urns are designed to hold twice the capacity of a single-person urn and can be referred to as a two-person urn or double urn. Companion urns can be created from the same materials as a standard funeral urn and customized the same—the only difference is size. However, some companion urns may not have all the same designs available as a single-person urn. 

What Do You Need To Know After Choosing a Couple's Urn? 

Once you've had the time to gather information about the couple you would like to memorialize and have found the companion urn that resonates most with you and with them before you finalize your choice, there is another crucial detail to keep in mind: the size of the companion urn you will need. 

To calculate the size of the urn you will need, it is essential to find or know the total weight of both individuals before cremation and then convert it into cubic inches.

For example, a 200lb male would roughly result in 200 cubic inches of remains, and a 140lb female would be about 140 cubic inches of remains. So, this couple's total capacity for a companion urn should be 340 cubic inches. 

What Benefits Do Companion Urns Have? 

Here are a few benefits to couples choosing a companion urn. 

  1. Companion urns aren't just for married partners. They are suitable for any relationship, such as siblings, parents, children, best friends, etc. With that in mind, it is more often used by couples who do wish to be interred together, but anyone can use a companion urn. 
  2. Companion urns are suitable for scattering ashes or burial of ashes. Some urns may be ideal for a columbarium, while others can be buried in cemeteries or designated locations. 
  3. Companion urns are a cost-effective solution for those who want to honor the memory of two loved ones without having to purchase two urns—however—price can fluctuate, and materials can influence the cost. 

Losing a partner, a sibling, a best friend, or two family members is one of the most challenging things to go through. We all grieve in our own ways, and adjusting to a life without someone you love can take years. Grief is never easy, and should you need help with choosing a companion urn during your grieving, we are here and ready to help.

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