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Help Navigating the Legalities: Urn Rules and Regulations
Let us help you take the confusing jumble of legalities surrounding rules and regulations for urns so that you can always make an informed choice regarding your or a loved one’s end-of-life plans.
Available Support Networks and Resources for Grief and Funeral Planning
If you find yourself in the position of funeral planning, you are not alone. Thousands of people struggle with final arrangements and look for support. We share valuable support networks and resources available during this tender time.
A Look at the History of North American Indigenous Cremation Practices
We take a moment today to examine and explore the history of Indigenous cremations from Tohono O’odham and the Yuman Culture, ancient cultures that flourished within North America for thousands of years, well before the European settlers.
The Emotional Significance and Healing of Selecting a Burial Urn
When you feel you are struggling underwater during grief and are seeking the first step toward healing, we’re here to hopefully bring a moment of ease as we explore the emotional significance of selecting a burial urn.
Burial Urns In Ancient Egypt: Symbolism and Theories
When you think about ancient Egypt, does your mind immediately bring up the imagery of pyramids and gorgeous caskets with mummified remains? Surprisingly, in 2017, two experts challenged the idea that there were far more forms of burial and funerary rites than previously assumed with a divisive paper that may debunk the myth that only the impoverished chose different forms of burial.
Explore the Heartfelt Artistry Behind Handmade Urns
There is so much more to an urn than a simple function, and handcrafted burial urns are some of the most beautiful works of artistry you can choose to commemorate a loved one.
Cremation or Burial: Which One is Right For You or a Loved One?
Choosing between burial and cremation for yourself or for a loved one who has left no previous instructions can be a harrowing time. To help you make the right choice, we’ll present both advantages and disadvantages to guide you to a suitable option for you and your loved one.
How to Honor Your Pet with Custom Urns
They come in all shapes and sizes, but there is no doubt they leave such a massive impression on our lives. Honoring a beloved animal that has passed doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here, we give suggestions and tips for choosing custom urns for your loved pet.
How to Care for Burial Urns: Maintenance, Tips and Advice
Once faced with the difficult decision to choose an urn, many families may wonder: What do I do now? Today, we hope to answer that question with our entry on caring for burial urns, maintenance tips, and best practices to keep your loved ones' resting place beautiful for years.
Customizable Options for Burial Urns
Creating an urn for a loved one can initially seem overwhelming. We cover some of the customizable options for burial urns available at LegacyUrns.com to help create a unique and lasting tribute for a departed loved one.