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1 Person Urns

A single urn is so much more than a vessel for the departed. In the hands of friends and family, it holds profound significance. As we know how utterly precious these items can become, we ensure our one-person urns, from concept to finishes to engraving, must be of the highest quality. 

These memorials are created to last for generations, bringing comfort and remembrance for years while remaining affordable for those grieving a loved one. Our more than one hundred years of experience influence everything we create, from the meticulous creation of every detail of our single-person urns to our sympathetic and understanding customer service. Our unique insight allows us to create tangible tributes that transcend functionality, turning these one-person urns into symbols of deep love, respect, and remembrance. 

When choosing an urn, remember there are no right or wrong choices. With single-person urns, find the one that resonates with you and the loved one’s life you are celebrating. When you do so, you will find a one-person urn that will speak the strongest on the legacy, the personality, and the preferences of the departed. 

At Legacy, we don’t simply create urns. We make a vessel and final resting place for someone who was deeply loved and will be deeply missed. These works of art become revered for those left behind—and we handle the creation of these single-person urns with the reverence and respect you and your loved one deserve. 

Creating cherished keepsakes and tributes is only a tiny part of what we do here at Legacy. Families mourning often face some of the most challenging times of their lives. Between planning, funeral costs, and more, we do not wish for our customers to go through more added stress. That is why we provide one of the most accessible and easy-to-use urn customization tools. Simply choose the urn that speaks to you strongest, and you can begin customizing it directly on its webpage through our site customization tools. 

Customize the font, add dates, abbreviations, names, and even exquisitely detailed images to your urns. Before finalizing your single-person urn purchase, we gently request that you double-check that all spelling and dates are correct. 
At Legacy, we want to help you create one for you and your loved ones. Please get in touch with us at any time for any questions you may have. It would be our pleasure to assist you.


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Brazilian Cherry Urn (Single Person)

Indoor Cremation Urn
Regular Price $499.00
Sale Price $299.00

Dark Wood Urn (Single Person)

Indoor Cremation Urn
Regular Price $499.00
Sale Price $299.00